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Energy Monitoring System comprises of Networking of meters, associated Computer hardware and special software products - customized programmes tailored to the needs of Customer.

EMS can be used to monitor and record electricity and other resource usage for individual sites, for cost centre within the sites and even for the sites inter connected.

The accumulated information is permanently stored and can be processed for analysis viz., consumption, tariff and cost profiles and give useful information on many aspects of plant operation. With the Software the data can be stored at regular, user set, intervals.

Effective usage of Energy can be achieved through : Forecasting electricity and fuel consumption; Maximize efficiency by load scheduling; Optimize generation against electricity purchase, monitor and control peak loads; Energy balance and efficiency;

  • Identify Current Trends in the Consumption Data - determine where & how much energy is being used in a Plant.
  • Reducing MD KVA.
  • Identify the areas where energy is wasted.
  • Identify the potential energy saving areas.
  • Analysis of the obtained data and preparing detailed plans for energy saving options.
  • Return On Investment.